Day 09 – Where the Sky Meets the Sea

Or at least where I can walk down to the creek, which is more faithful a description but doesn’t lend itself to any Lin-Manuel Miranda lyrics. 

Today I went in early for some extra hours, and I stayed late for some more, and as I was walking home the rain stopped for the first time all day and I got a nudge. Here. 

Here being the creek behind my apartment building, and gods do I love that spot. So I changed it up a bit again, stopping on my way home. I started with the formal prayer, offered energy in the manner Jason Miller teaches, and then took the opportunity to listen and talk more casually. When I came in the house, I still lit incense and candles. 

It wouldn’t work every day – it rains too heavily too often for that – but it felt a little more Real to do it outside for a change. Definitely worth investigating further. 

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