Spirit of Place

I’m currently reading Love the House You’re In by Paige Rien, which is about making the most of the place you’re currently living. It’s written for homeowners, so not everything applies, but it’s doing a great job of two things: first, making me stop and appreciate the things I do like about our apartment, andRead more

Calling My Yaya

Originally posted on Pagan Bloggers. Today is my Yaya’s birthday. She would have been 85 today. On the ancestor altar, she is represented by a tiny set of ceramic cats she let me have years ago. I’ve written about her in bits and pieces. She took care of me as a small kid when myRead more

Carnival Season

Just recently I saw my first carnival of the season. As I see Wodanaz in both the Hunt and the Carnival, the first carnival of the year is a moment like the first farmer’s market, where I am seeing a power shift from their winter self to their summer self and I stop to acknowledgeRead more