This myth was given to me by my sister Marie. “Give us the child!” Chenek’s servants had been standing outside of the house all night. Mariam was wringing her hands as she saw to her daughter-in-law and the infant they wanted so badly. She could feel her humanity acutely as their menacing energy outside clashedRead more

Running to Stand Still

I fought my way through the panicked civilians, the nurses and doctors trying to help whoever they could, the soldiers fallen out of formation in the confusion. I understood now why we hadn’t seen any soldiers from Wa all day – they may have been bold in death, but they weren’t wasteful, not on this scale.Read more

The End

Finding no allies remained to him, Adalric ran from his castle without even a heavy shirt, let alone cloak or boots. His chest heaved, whether from screaming or running. Cold bit his damp face, whether from tears or the snow in the air. He didn’t feel the chill as he stumbled through the snow thatRead more


It was late when I got back to the market. Many of the more legitimate vendors had packed up for the day, particularly the ones who sold fresh meats and vegetables. But still nobody stopped me as I walked away from those shops, and if anything, the Goblin Market was busier. There was somebody elseRead more

Franchise Opportunites

“I know where you can get cheap materials,” Daiyu offered. “I’d go with you if I didn’t have to see to Grandfather and prepare for patients this afternoon.” “It’s fine, your family comes first,” I threw the strap of my bag over my shoulder. “Where am I going?” “On the south side there’s this sprawlingRead more

The Hunt

Come spring I went on. We hadn’t heard nothing back from my mama and if something came, he’d hold it for me til I told him where I landed. My hometown had seemed real small after the city around the temples, but that ain’t had nothing on a real city like Lybiv. I’m sure IRead more


“Sister,” Mara called her, though their parents were siblings themselves. “I need your help.” Brhenti laughed in her face. “I am tired of people asking me for things. Go away.” And who could blame her, with Wodanaz always trying to wheedle some weapon out of her and Wehaz trying to talk his way into herRead more