Winter's Mara

who are you without your identity? lay down, settle in your bones let your self release above you, a balloon you are disconnected from. you are your body, too, what is left when your soul leaves. feel your body breathing, digesting, slowing, churning, falling apart an inch at a time. she keeps us alive, feedingRead more

Primary Sources

This is not a definition of “research” I usually picture, but hey ho… I’m a big fan of synchronicity (fan being a word that in this context means “frequent target of clue-by-fours”) and rather than dive into a lot of books, I’m in large part letting Mara take the lead on where I should beRead more

Old Paths, New Footsteps in the Earth

Things have been interesting in my head lately. One of the things I’d been circling around for months now is the question of how to relate to Mara in a purely fictional recon context. I’ve spent years researching, syncretising, justifying and generally legitimizing my relationship with her by drawing proper-looking dotted lines from one ideaRead more


“How much is enough?” “I don’t know.” She put another candle holder on the altar and lit another tea light. “Let’s try this for now.” He nodded. “Okay. Candles. Incense. Coins. Now the petition, love.” She bowed her head, determined. “Dear Mara, I know you look over a great many people, for a great manyRead more