Head On, All In

The theme for #domagick is self-transformation. I’m focusing on protection. How does that square? Well it goes back to a little something called excessive psychic hygiene. I’ve written about this before. When I was living with my ex and engaged in unhealthy, excessive levels of psychic hygiene, I was doing the metaphysical equivalent of scrubbingRead more

Psychic Hygiene, Miasma and Me

This post was inspired by Ravew’s Purity and Devotion. I didn’t really understand what Prozac could do, when I hesitantly agreed to medication. I thought it would reset me to my normal levels of functionality but it’s been a bit of a lightning bolt. I didn’t know what I was missing. Knowing I had anRead more

Scrupulosity + Distance

Two weeks ago, a spirit came to me and said she wanted my attention. She’s poked here and there at recognizable names, but for the moment the best is Redbird, a spirit from the Empty Sky side whom I haven’t had much experience with before. Redbird is one of the four “children” of the DragonRead more