Is There Community in #mypolytheism?

I’ve been a member of a number of religious groups. Whether parish, congregation, sangha, temple, cult, grove or Heathen Sunday School class, I actively seek out opportunities to compare notes with others about my spiritual and metaphysical experiences. I’m happy to be a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation; I enjoy the support of other people,Read more

Psychic Hygiene, Miasma and Me

This post was inspired by Ravew’s Purity and Devotion. I didn’t really understand what Prozac could do, when I hesitantly agreed to medication. I thought it would reset me to my normal levels of functionality but it’s been a bit of a lightning bolt. I didn’t know what I was missing. Knowing I had anRead more


You may remember that I gave Redbird a month. I started my new job this week, almost exactly one month after the conversation. Thank you, Redbird. Thank you, Jupiter and Hekate. Thank you, Mara and Ganesha. So… now what? Thus far, Redbird has mostly been working me through specific energywork techniques. I’m not yet sureRead more

Beltane, Belatedly

In my post about Walpurgisnacht, I talked about accepting my emptiness. I have been mulling the idea of seeing myself as full of something, even if that something is nothingness. I have identified myself with shadows and voids before in my life, and as goth as it sounds, that association is still a comfortable oneRead more

Loki as Firebird

I’ve mentioned, here and there, that I call Loki “Mom” but I tend to leave it at that. I wave my hands and I use descriptions like “genderqueer” and “shapeshifter” to describe Loki and those are not untrue and yet. Those are terms I chose because they’re more recognizable to others who work with Loki.Read more