So here’s the thing. I need feedback on my poetry, or else I can’t seem to get motivated to type and clean up stuff once I spew it out in my notebook. Hence, blog. However, I’ve been thinking about actually sending stuff somewhere for publication, and generally that requires that you let them be theRead more


Totally made up words for the win. I went ahead and added some of the articles and fiction back in. I guess it makes me feel more useful or something. Really, the reason I’m doing it is because I feel a bit down on my poetry still. Maybe I should try writing longer poems. TheRead more

That Is To Say

I spent another evening browsing Poetryslamming. I do this every couple of months. Someday I’ll apply there. I almost did tonight, but I couldn’t settle on three poems that I actually liked at the same time, and I’ve been listening to these mp3s of Jack Spicer and Robin Blaser reading poetry that I found atRead more


Today I got an email that one of my poems was accepted for a really small niche anthology. There’s no payment. I don’t even know when the thing’s going to come out. I am still squeeing like a five year old boy whose dad just photocopied his “comic book” so he could sell it toRead more