I have been divining with cards for more than fifteen years, and developing my own system of card divination, the Lost Sky Oracle, for three. I can also read with runes and coins, both in addition to a card reading and independently. Most readings are completed within 72 hours, often less. You will receive the results of the draw and my interpretation as an email unless you discuss another method with me in advance. (AIM, gtalk and Skype are options.)

      One card drawing:

a single card is drawn in answer to your question or situation


a layout with three cards – sit with Manifest Destiny and watch what’s coming next month, in six months, and in a year


a layout with five cards in the shape of an arrow – past, present and future, with two influences, the rear points of the arrowhead, between present and future

      Branching Paths:

for choices – a layout with seven or more cards: one representing the choice, and cards representing positives, negatives and likely outcomes for each path. please contact me if you need a Branching Paths reading with more than two paths

If you would like to purchase a reading from me, please visit my Etsy shop or contact me via email for more complex readings.

My philosophy is that cards can tell you what’s likely, and they can bring things to your attention that you’re not aware of, but they are not infallible or all knowing. The future can be changed; knowing and preparing can sometimes be enough to change it. Also legally I’m pretty sure I have to tell you that this is for entertainment purposes only; I am not a doctor, lawyer, psychologist or financial planner.