In response to my post asking for questions, Kas wanted to know more about making shrines: How an altar should look varies, of course, depending on the spirits being honored and the local culture and religious context in which that is happening. Home or business altars often reflect the larger temples where they exist. Some people,Read more

Old Paths, New Footsteps in the Earth

Things have been interesting in my head lately. One of the things I’d been circling around for months now is the question of how to relate to Mara in a purely fictional recon context. I’ve spent years researching, syncretising, justifying and generally legitimizing my relationship with her by drawing proper-looking dotted lines from one ideaRead more


I stumbled out of the bedroom, the toddler finally asleep and Jian snoring lightly as well. I made my way downstairs carefully, avoiding the steps that tended to creak in the older house. On the first floor, I took a deep breath and looked around. The kitchen was half-clean, with dishes soaking from dinner. TheRead more