I stumbled out of the bedroom, the toddler finally asleep and Jian snoring lightly as well. I made my way downstairs carefully, avoiding the steps that tended to creak in the older house. On the first floor, I took a deep breath and looked around. The kitchen was half-clean, with dishes soaking from dinner. TheRead more

C is for Crazy

It’s impossible for readers of my blog to ignore the fact that I’m neuroatypical or, to use the vernacular, crazy. I talk about it. I probably talk about it in exhausting detail. I think about it in even more exhausting detail, going over and over the psychological math – I thought this, and this, butRead more

Goal: Mental Health

This is one of the stickier issues for me in terms of using magic to work on it. You see, the root of many of my mental health issues is magical thinking. Magical thinking, in a mental health context, is the irrational belief that one action or series of actions can affect something entirely unrelated.Read more