Winter's Mara

who are you without your identity? lay down, settle in your bones let your self release above you, a balloon you are disconnected from. you are your body, too, what is left when your soul leaves. feel your body breathing, digesting, slowing, churning, falling apart an inch at a time. she keeps us alive, feedingRead more

The End of March

It looks quiet around here, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I am plugging away behind the scenes, working on things that don’t quite come to fruition. I signed up for a few original fiction projects that require works over 10k, so those will be in progress in the background – they’ll be on the sidebar asRead more

NaPoWriMo Wrap Up

January created a meme for NaPoWriMo participants, so I figured I’d fill it out. Number of poems written in April: 32, counting off-site Number of poems you’ll keep and revise: I don’t generally revise or develop my haiku, so probably about five. List the titles of your top three NaPoWriMo poems: Dust on Dreams, CrazyRead more