Head On, All In

The theme for #domagick is self-transformation. I’m focusing on protection. How does that square? Well it goes back to a little something called excessive psychic hygiene. I’ve written about this before. When I was living with my ex and engaged in unhealthy, excessive levels of psychic hygiene, I was doing the metaphysical equivalent of scrubbingRead more

Psychic Hygiene, Miasma and Me

This post was inspired by Ravew’s Purity and Devotion. I didn’t really understand what Prozac could do, when I hesitantly agreed to medication. I thought it would reset me to my normal levels of functionality but it’s been a bit of a lightning bolt. I didn’t know what I was missing. Knowing I had anRead more

Scrupulosity + Distance

Two weeks ago, a spirit came to me and said she wanted my attention. She’s poked here and there at recognizable names, but for the moment the best is Redbird, a spirit from the Empty Sky side whom I haven’t had much experience with before. Redbird is one of the four “children” of the DragonRead more

Metaphysical KonMari: Practices, pt 2

The stunning thing I realized, when I started making my practices list, was how many things were on it that I didn’t enjoy doing. Not just things I did because I felt like I should, like runes, but things I actively did because of religious scrupulosity rather than because of any kind of faith orRead more

Paring Down, Building Up

For a long time, my “active daily” religious routine has revolved around Mara alone. This was fine, until it wasn’t. I’ve written about my Dark Lady before. I’ve gone through various and sundry names for her before, and worked with many wonderful goddesses and entities on the way, but never “found” her, and last yearRead more