Let Go and Let Gods (or, how Odin and Mara help with my OCD)

My OCD is definitely heavier on the O than it is on the C. That’s probably not surprising, given my anxiety as well. “Trust me,” Mara says. “I’ve got this. You’ll be okay.” Trust is hard. It’s not that I don’t trust her, exactly. I have complete faith that she’s looking out for me. Sometimes I justRead more

Project Protagonist: Have You Tried Not Being Pagan?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I started off Catholic. I blame everything that has followed on that. In second grade, when we practiced for First Communion, I asked whether Jesus minded being eaten. In third grade, we read Greek myths in school and I asked my Sunday School teacher if the gods were likeRead more

Little Things

We don’t have all of the art up on the walls, but we hung a lot of it today. It started with a wooden shelf in the kitchen. It came home from Goodwill because we’ve been needing something for the action figure collection. I think it was originally designed to hold teacups and saucers –Read more