Other Ebooks

  • Baggage (Smashwords/Amazon) – Garcia’s been quietly building her practice as a freelance supernatural troubleshooter in Phoenix for years, and is almost ready to break into full-time if she can just deal with a thief, a library ghost, man-eating mermaids and her own relationship issues.
  • Order of St Michael Omnibus (Direct) – Fr. Dylan Shute, a young exorcist and demon hunter, finds himself in the middle of two wars in the desert, and later chases vampires through London’s goth underground. Then he finds himself wrapped up in the story of two teenage runaways who are a lot more than they appear.
  • The Heart Is Deceitful (Smashwords/Amazon) – It’s 1972, and Dan McCarthy is trying his damnedest to dodge the draft, the Department of Superhuman Affairs, and his ex-girlfriend, but all three keep coming back to haunt him.
  • Antimony and Lead (Smashwords/Amazon) – The world ended weeks ago and Lacey’s been cast out of the safe bunker she called home with her husband and sister-wives. Now she’s got to figure out where she should go and who she can trust to stay alive in post-apocalyptic Utah.
  • Brainflowers (Scribd) – A chapbook collection of essays about tumors, gender, and my relationship with my body.
  • Five Years Gone (Smashwords) – a poetry chapbook

Other Short Stories